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Loan Servicing Solved

Trying to solve your servicing?

We get you there - quickly, easily, and safely


Commercial and Multi-Family Loan Servicing


Student Loan Servicing

Settlements! For .NetTM

Purchased Structured Settlement Servicing

Intelligent Tools for
Implementation and Conversion

Friendly Installation Assistance

Easy to follow assistance with your installation by a real person who can see what you see.

Complete Implementation Planning

Clear road map, checklists, and assistance for the planning and management of your implementation.

Structured, Customized Training

Structured, top-down training for your key users or your entire staff, using your loan data.

Automated Data Conversion

Pre-defined, data import templates that simplify your conversion process and are easily customized.

AnyTime, AnyWare Customization and Support – We’re Here When You Need Us

On-Demand and As-Needed


Upgrades as often as you'd like.


One of a kind support through your one point of contact. No call centers or people who don't know your business.


We're always willing to make changes and enhancements based on your needs.


We include structured training for your key users. Need more? We’ll provide it.

Rid Yourself of Annual Maintenance Fees

Your Immediate Benefits


Why spend money every year once the system works for you? With us, you'll only pay us for our time, and only when you choose to.


We won't ever put your request on a list of "maybe one-days". Every day we have companies come to us looking for something better. A way to get the functionality they need when they need it. No longer will you hear, "maybe the next upgrade".


Markets change, businesses change, and no one wants to wait. We understand that the next big opportunity needs to be supported by your systems, and with us, you'll be ready.

Benedict Group - Offering Loan Servicing Software since 1990.

Your Loan Types     -     Broadly Configurable     -     Your Unique Needs

What makes our system up to the challenge? 

  1. Unlimited By Design - Our system is table and parameter driven which allows us to offer great flexibility and extensive user customization. For example, we offer support for an unlimited number of loans, borrowers, investors, user-defined escrow accounts, properties, projects, etc.
  2. Your Loan Scenario - You set the parameters and you define the terms - you're always in control.
  3. Source Code - As the sole provider of loan servicing software that offers source code, we'll let your development team take over.
  4. Make It Your Own - We've created the loan servicing engine - you define the rules.
  5. Simple to Complex - The scalability of our system allows you to handle a huge variety of loan types, amd our software has been real world tested by multi-biliion dollar companies for over twenty years. Our software is stable and ready to handle what you throw at it.

Our Scale

$100 Billion Serviced
Over A Million Loans

Embrace Our Software - Make it Your Own

One-Time Fee

Our one-time fee gives you all of our loan servicing functionality. No annual maintenance fees.

Pricing Per User

Pricing per concurrent user rather than per loan rewards increased automation, efficiency, and a higher loan per user ratio.

One Point of Contact

A single point of contact for all your needs - you won't be routed to a call center.

Easy Integrations

Our open architecture and modern methods allow for integration on multiple levels.

Completely Open Schema

Quickly familiarize yourself with our structure and navigate our database.

We're Your Partner

We encourage you to view us as part of your servicing and IT resources - we're here when you need us.

You Choose Your Environment

In-House Servers

Let your IT staff manage the system under your own roof.


Choose the cloud vendor of your choice and access it how you'd like.