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Configure your loans with your rules for your world.

No other loan servicing software company comes close to our overall offer. Functionality for any need, conversion methods for any situation and any format, implementation guidelines and project management to provide a 100% success rate, and an on-demand support model without annual fees that is truly dedicated to the you.

Our loan servicing software offers loan servicing, loan accounting, and investor tracking software for commercial, multi-family, and other complex loans and includes a broad range of sophisticated processing support. Our software is robust, flexible, easy-to-use and can handle all aspects of servicing from application to payoff. We're prepared to do what it takes to make your conversion smooth, your implementation successful, and your customizations focused.

Core Configuration

Loan Types

Loan types are completely user-defined and allow for any loan scenario.

Custom Interest

Choose your interest calculation, interest type, and how payments are handled individually to allow for any situation.

Payment Periods

Choose a standard period or define your own.

On-The-Fly Changes

Setup as many changes as you'd like from now out into the future including amounts, interest methods, rates, etc and the system will implement them automatically.

User-Defined Fees

Define your fees to fit your needs and as many as you'd like - all with their own rules and how they should be handled.

Waterfall options

Define your waterfall or payment allocation at the system level or all the way down to the loan level.

Detailed Configuration

Complex Interest

Easily manage default and capitalized interest.

Legal Actions

Manage all aspects of the legal process including bankruptcy, forbearance, foreclosure, and much more.


User-defined escrow accounts for whatever reason you need - insurance, taxes, replacement reserves, but also for any reason imaginable that you'd need to track a bucket of money.


Unlimited investors/participants all with their own rules including their own ownership amount, user-defined fees, and rates and in-depth breakdowns across the board for every financial transaction.


We track everything about the loan and offer the results in numerous drill down views and reports.

Loan accounting

Using our GL interface which can be easily customized by you, you'll be able to report to as many set of books as you'd like. You can integrate with your accounting system easily and update as often as you'd like.

Features List

LOANS! For .Net is a flexible and powerful loan management system that is suitable for many types of organizations. Used to manage portfolios with an unlimited number of loans, LOANS! For .Net offers a complete range of processing support that includes the following features:

  • Multi-company and multidivision support.
  • The entry and tracking of loan applications.
  • Real-time access to all loan master information.
  • User-defined loan templates that automaticallypre-fill selected fields for new loans.
  • User-defined loan lookup methods.
  • Workflow management support that allows you to setup, sequence, and track required activities.
  • Contact management that allows you to track the organizations and people associated with a loan.
  • Document and image management that allows you to view documents, images, and maps linked to a loan.
  • The automatic implementation of pending loan changes such as P&I and interest rate changes.
  • Entry of cash and non-cash financial transactions, and easy entry of transaction reversals.
  • Project tracking support.
  • Multi-payer processing for loans with one or more subsidies.
  • Support for automated principal disbursements.
  • The automatic calculation of late charges and/or default interest for delinquent loans.
  • Loan restructuring support that includes the automated deferral or capitalization of interest.
  • Insurance policy and tax bill processing.
  • Escrow processing, with multiple escrow balances for each loan.
  • Automated, user-defined ACH and General Ledger interfaces.
  • Statutory, GAAP, and tax reporting, plus the ability to define other reporting types.
  • Month end snapshots of loan status information for historical reporting.
  • Daily accruals.
  • Earned income reporting.
  • Investor reporting at up to three levels for internal participants and/or external investors.
  • Discount/premium processing.
  • Schedule B reporting.
  • Collections support with analysis by collector, action notes, and automated tickler control on needed actions.
  • Risk assessment and management support.
  • Portfolio analysis functions for identifying and monitoring problem loans.
  • Reporting by portfolio, investor, loan type, agent, and many other categorizations ... through pre-defined reports and an integrated report writer.
  • An automated data importer.
  • Earned income reporting.
  • Support for loan sales and transfers.
  • User fields.

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