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How responsive is your support?

When it comes to software, the most responsive support you can get is a single point of contact who knows you, knows your business, and is intimately involved with the development of your software.

We offer this.

As part of our support, we offer benefits you have probably not experienced before:

  • No call centers or people who don't understand your business.
  • A direct line to your point of contact.
  • One long-term point of contact who will understand your business goals.
  • On-demand support with no annual fees (i.e. - pay only for what you need).
  • A support person who is often also a developer and who can therefore make modifications you need to the software for you.

Let us show you how our support works. We suggest the following: find your most complicated loan, and see if we can handle it. If we can, we’ll demo it. On the off chance we can't, we’ll show you what customization is needed (using your data), and outline what it would take.

The point is we go above and beyond for our customers and prospects, and we'd be glad to provide references from people who've experienced it.

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