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Solve your customization needs.

For over twenty years we have enhanced our loan servicing software for businesses such as yours … companies who are looking to make significant improvements to their servicing operations. By building on these real world needs, we’ve developed a system that is robust, easy to use, very flexible, and capable of supporting most loan portfolios.

Some companies, however, are looking for an additional edge or want to offer loans that are unique and complex, beyond what we've seen before. You may be one of them. For this, please know that we offer responsive, on-demand customization support that will address your needs.

For such work, our development team is comprised of experienced business analysts who understand loan servicing, computer software, and, in most cases, how to code. It is this group that will help you solve your specific needs.

Unlike with other software companies, your staff will work directly with one point of contact (US-Based) throughout the development process. This person will understand and document your requirements, review them for your approval, and then assign the necessary resources to complete your requested changes quickly and efficiently. In many cases, he or she may even do the development needed, making the process more efficient.

And, when the work is done, it will be done according to our set of standards which allows us to incorporate your changes into our core software in most cases

So please consider Benedict Group when you are looking for loan servicing software. Our solution will fit your needs or we'll work with you until it does. The difference is clear and we'll be glad to provide references from organizations such as yours who will confirm this.

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