Solve your software customization needs.

For over two decades, BGI has persistently enhanced its loan servicing software to cater to businesses seeking a substantial uplift in their servicing operations. Our experience in tackling real-world needs has allowed us to cultivate a system that embodies robustness, ease of use, flexibility, and the competence to support an array of loan portfolios.

However, we recognize that some companies aspire to gain an additional edge, or desire to offer unique and complex loan products that extend beyond what existing systems can support. If you identify with this, rest assured that BGI offers responsive, on-demand customization support precisely tailored to your needs.

To accomplish this, our development team is populated with seasoned business analysts who possess an intimate understanding of loan servicing, computer software, and, crucially, coding. These experts are on standby to assist you in resolving your unique needs.

What distinguishes BGI from other software providers is our approach to software development. Your staff will collaborate directly with a single, US-based point of contact throughout the development process. This dedicated expert will understand and document your requirements, review them for your approval, and subsequently assign the required resources to execute your requested modifications swiftly and efficiently. In many cases, your designated contact may even perform the necessary development, further optimizing the process.

Once the work is completed, it will be executed in line with our stringent standards, enabling us to incorporate your changes into our core software in most instances.

As you contemplate the choice of loan servicing software, we invite you to consider BGI. We assure you of a solution that will not only meet your needs but will also adapt until it aligns with your unique requirements. The difference with BGI is clear, and we're more than happy to provide references from organizations similar to yours to validate this claim. Partner with us for a tailored, powerful, and reliable loan servicing solution that truly caters to your business's distinct needs.

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