Our Business

Solving Commercial Loan Servicing Software Since 1990.

Our Business is Understanding Your Needs

Your terms, your loans, your processes, your reports, YOUR unique twists.

And providing loan servicing software and support to meet them.

We work with you to solve your loan servicing.

After Decades of Development, Millions of Loans, and Billions of Servicing Dollars

We've yet to find a loan too complex.

At Our Core

We've been offering commercial loan servicing software since 1990. We are an independently owned, stable, and flexible company ready to provide you whatever is needed and when. Our team has extensive loan servicing, development, and implementation expertise, and our people are friendly and responsive.

Our Focus

With you as our focus, we offer feature-rich applications, responsive support, on-demand customizations, optional source code, flexible pricing and support models without annual maintenance fees.

Purely Software

You won't find any conflicts of interest here. We don't service loans and we don't compete with our clients. You'll be offered the newest technology when it's available and nothing will be held back because of competitive interests.

Technology Obsessed

Our in-house PriMetaFores™ technology is an extensive set of development tools that houses our application logic in a language-independent database. Using this, we can render to a target environment such as .Net and SQL, and soon to a MVC pattern with the newest JS/CSS libraries(jQuery/Bootstrap). 'Future-proofed’ is a reality with BGI.

Rid Yourself of Annual Maintenance Fees


Why spend money every year once the software works for you? With us, you'll only pay us for our time, and only when you choose to.


We won't ever put your request on a list of "maybe one-days". Every day we have companies come to us looking for something better. A way to get the functionality they need when they need it. No longer will you hear, "maybe the next upgrade".


Markets change, businesses change, and no one wants to wait. We understand that the next big opportunity needs to be supported by your software, and with us, you'll be ready.

AnyTime, AnyWare Customization and Support – We’re Here When You Need Us

On-Demand and As-Needed


Upgrades as often as you'd like.


One of a kind support through your one point of contact. No call centers or people who don't know your business.


We're always willing to make system changes and enhancements based on your needs.


We include structured training for your key users. Need more? We’ll provide it.

Intelligent Tools for
Implementation and Conversion

Friendly Installation Assistance

Easy to follow assistance with your installation by a real person who can see what you see.

Complete Implementation Planning

Clear road map, checklists, and assistance for the planning and management of your software implementation.

Structured, Customized Training

Structured, top-down training for your key users or your entire staff, using your loan data.

Automated Data Conversion

Pre-defined, data import templates that simplify your conversion process and are easily customized.

And, we understand that your Implementation is critical.

We have the answer.

Your Installation

Our system's flexibility allows it to be installed in a wide variety of environments, in-house or on the cloud.

Once you've chosen - we'll work with you throughout the installation process and get your new software up and running quickly.

Staff Training

Your users are comfortable with your current software, we get it. Our step-by-step approach will ease them through the change to a new and better operation.

For a personalized training experience, we focus first on your key users, customizing our training to their daily work schedules.

Your Conversion

We've heard the concerns – the thought of converting your loans to new software can be intimidating. But, while every conversion is unique, we've put together a plan based on the many we've done. It's primary goal - give you the tools to make choices easily, make formatting a smooth process, and allow your users to relax. We include tools that break down what our software needs and how to get your data in. On top of these included tools, we offer automated conversions. Which ever you choose, we will be here to help throughout the process.

System Testing

System testing provides you assurances that new software will meet your needs. We recommend that both unit and parallel testing be done, and that it incorporate your daily procedures so that you can be sure that each member of your servicing team has the tools he or she needs to do their jobs.

The Day to Day

We are here for you. Consider your point of contact a partner who's always there to help. Feel free to come to us for anything you'd like - additional training for new users, some new complicated report, a whole new module, or just a quick question. We'll be here.

The Bottom Line

Please let us show you what we have, and why we think it will work for you.