Adaptive Pricing Model Tailored to Your Goals

Experience Unmatched Flexibility in Pricing for Your Loan Servicing Needs

Flexible Pricing for Loan Servicing Software Licensing

Whether you're looking for a one-time license fee or prefer a more spread-out, annual license fee, BGI offers flexible pricing options tailored to suit your financial preferences. If you opt for the annual fee, we offer the freedom to switch to a one-time license at a later date, ensuring our loan servicing software is a cost-effective solution for lenders.

Source Code Licensing Options

With BGI, the power of choice is always in your hands. Unlike many of our competitors who don't offer source code, we give you the option to license BGI’s applications with or without it. We believe in offering you a unique, flexible alternative. No longer do you have to solely rely on an in-house application development or entirely on external software vendors. With BGI, you can license our feature-rich software, receive support and upgrades from us, while retaining the ability to make in-house enhancements as needed. This approach gives you a perfect blend of independence and professional support.

Upgrade Options

Keeping your software updated is crucial, but we believe in offering you control over the frequency and type of upgrades. You can request upgrades as often or as rarely as you desire, and simply pay us for the time needed to prepare your upgrade. This gives you full control over software enhancements while effectively managing your budget.

Support and Pricing Flexibility

You can pay for all support on an hourly basis or opt for pre-paid support blocks at the start of each year, which can be utilized throughout the year. This flexibility allows you to align your support needs with your financial plan.

Extended Warranty

Our software license includes a six-month warranty. Beyond this period, you have the option to extend the warranty or choose to work with us on an hourly basis for any system changes. This gives you the flexibility to manage post-warranty services as per your needs.

At BGI, we understand the diverse needs and financial constraints of lenders. That's why our loan servicing software comes with a variety of flexible pricing and support options. Choose BGI for a solution that truly understands your needs and adapts to your financial landscape.

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