Flexible Pricing

With The LOANS! Solution

We'll Make You An Offer You Can't Refuse


You can license our applications for a one-time fee or you can pay a lower annual license fee every year that you use our software. If you elect the latter, you can switch to the one-time license at a later date.

Source Code

It’s your choice. You can license BGI’s applications with or without the source code.

As none of our key competitors include source code, we feel that our approach offers you a new alternative. Previously you could either build your application in-house or depend on one of BGI's competitors for all of your software and enhancement needs. With our systems products, however, you now have a third choice: you can license BGI's feature-rich software, receive support and upgrades from BGI, and yet still have the ability to make enhancements in-house as needed.


You can request upgrades as often or as rarely as you wish and simply pay us for the time needed to prepare your upgrade.


You can pay us for all support on an hourly basis, or you can purchase blocks of support at the start of each year and then use those hours throughout the year.

Extended Warranty

Our license includes a six month warranty. After that you can choose to extend it or work with us by the hour if you need any system changes.

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