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Implementation Support

Benedict Group can offer off-site and on-site assistance with the complete planning and scheduling of your implementation.

Based on our Transition Management Planning ("TMP") methodology, this support includes assistance with the identification of project tasks, the assignment of individual responsibilities, and the development and monitoring of your overall implementation schedule.

Data Conversion

If an automated conversion of your data is needed, BGI offers several support alternatives:

  • You can generate unload files which we will then use to load your data.
  • You can send us copies of your current system’s reports, which we can then parse for the necessary data.
  • You can work with BGI to develop a new unload/load process for your unique requirements.

Regardless of the approach you choose, BGI will assist you in planning how best to verify and reconcile your data after it’s converted.

AnyWare Customization

While our applications offer a broad range of off-the-shelf processing support, a dynamic organization sometimes requires customization to meet its unique requirements. Whether this is just the modification of an existing function or the addition of a complete new sub-system, we're poised to provide whatever customization support you need.

Furthermore, we can normally include any changes made for your organization in the standard release of our software due to the flexibility of its underlying technology.

Application Training

For training in how to use a BGI application, we offer a 2-3 day series of lessons in your offices or via the Internet which includes the following topics:

  • Setup of system tables and processing options.
  • Application processing.
  • Standard reporting and the ReportWriter.
  • BGI subsystems (e.g. workflow management, report scheduling, system security, etc.).

If you wish, each session includes hands-on training exercises.

If you provide real-world samples from your portfolio ahead of time, we will incorporate them into these training sessions.

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