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Implementation Support

Embrace the seamless transition into superior loan servicing with Benedict Group's comprehensive implementation support. Whether you prefer off-site or on-site assistance, we guide you through the complete planning and scheduling of your implementation. Our support is built on our robust Transition Management Planning ("TMP") methodology, ensuring an organized project task identification, clear assignment of individual responsibilities, and diligent development and monitoring of your overall implementation schedule.

Data Conversion Support

Transitioning to a new system shouldn't mean starting from scratch. That's why BGI offers automated data conversion support tailored to your needs:

  • Provide us with your file format, and we'll build the conversion process for you.
  • Share copies of your current system’s reports, and we'll parse the necessary data.
  • Collaborate with BGI to develop a new unload/load process tailored to your unique requirements.

No matter the approach you choose, BGI will be there to guide you on how best to verify and reconcile your data after conversion, ensuring accuracy and integrity.

AnyWare Customization

BGI acknowledges that every lender has unique requirements. While our applications offer a wide array of off-the-shelf processing support, we're ready to provide customizations that align with your unique needs. Whether it's a modification of an existing function or the addition of a complete new sub-system, our team is dedicated to catering to your specific needs. Plus, any changes made for your organization can usually be included in the standard release of our software, thanks to its underlying flexible technology.

Hands-on Application Training

Maximize your software utilization with our in-depth application training. We offer a series of 2-3 day lessons either in your offices or via the Internet. Our training modules cover:

  • Setup of system tables and processing options.
  • Application processing.
  • Standard reporting and the ReportWriter.
  • BGI subsystems, such as workflow management, report scheduling, and system security.).

Each session includes hands-on training exercises to reinforce learning. If you provide real-world samples from your portfolio ahead of time, we'll incorporate them into the training sessions for a more practical learning experience.

Choose BGI's loan servicing software for an unparalleled lending experience bolstered by industry-leading support. We're here to empower you to navigate the complexities of loan servicing with ease and efficiency.

Unrivalled Hourly and On-Demand Support

One of the many facets that sets BGI apart in the loan servicing software market is our flexible, hourly, and on-demand support. We understand that questions and challenges may arise at any time, and we're dedicated to providing timely, efficient assistance when you need it the most. You can lean on our expert team for support, whether it's a quick question, a deep dive into advanced features, or troubleshooting a complex issue. Our clients love this aspect of our service, appreciating the ability to get immediate help that's just a call or an email away. This responsive support model allows for minimal disruption in your day-to-day operations, ensuring you can stay focused on your core business while we handle your software concerns. Trust in BGI's hourly and on-demand support, and experience the assurance of having a dedicated team backing your every step in the loan servicing journey.

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