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We're a passionate and devoted team dedicated to software development and improving our customers' day to day lives. We are intensely competitive and strive to have the newest technologies and best functionality. We believe in our software and we've spent the last twenty some years developing the knowledge and real world experience to surpass all the rest.

We're a privately owned corporation that released its first enterprise software product in 1990. Since then, we have invested millions of dollars in the development and enhancement of our investment management applications.

Our clients include major lenders such as StanCorp Financial and Greystone Servicing; investment account managers such as Brown Brothers Harriman and INVESCO; and economic development and housing agencies such as the states of Alaska, Massachusetts, Illinois, and Iowa (for references from these organizations, please contact Benedict Group).

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Through the exchange of ideas, we partner with companies that will improve our offering to our customers.

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We have resellers established for several of our software systems and are always on the look out for companies bringing something new.

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The flexibility of our software allows for easy integrations and communications between your favorite systems and ours.

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We are always looking for experienced and highly motivated developers in the investment management area.

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