Loan Servicing Software For Many Industries

With The LOANS! Solution

Software as unique as your loan types.

Our clients range across many industries and using the configuration rules we can support loan types to match these industries.

Commercial Lenders

Seamless Control Over The Loan Servicing Process

BGI's loan servicing software streamlines the management of diverse commercial loan portfolios. It handles all stages of the loan lifecycle, tracks loan-related data in real-time, and generates tailored reports for risk assessment, compliance, and portfolio management. The system integrates with other financial tools, improving efficiency and minimizing errors. BGI's solution allows lenders to focus on strategic decisions, enhancing productivity and profitability.

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Housing Finance Authorities

Customized Loan Servicing Solutions for Housing Finance Agencies

BGI's loan servicing software provides a comprehensive and customized solution for Housing Finance Agencies (HFAs), Housing Authorities, and similar entities. Our software accommodates the unique needs of these organizations, such as complex repayment structures and investor reporting. It offers flexible loan grouping, robust reporting capabilities, efficient integration with other systems, and direct support for diverse loan types. By leveraging our solution, Housing Agencies can effectively manage and track their loans, offering superior services to the communities they serve.

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Insurance Companies

Streamlining Loan Management for Insurance Companies

BGI's LOANS! is a tailored loan servicing solution designed for insurance companies managing a diverse range of loans. It features advanced functionalities like investor hierarchy options for portfolio management and multi-basis loan accounting to handle different accounting methodologies. The software accommodates varying loan characteristics, from commercial real estate loans to asset-backed securities, offering extensive customization options for different parameters and repayment schedules. This unified system aims to improve operational efficiency, minimize errors, and optimize financial performance. LOANS! allows insurance companies to effectively manage their loan portfolios while focusing on their core business.

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Specialized Software for Community Impact

BGI's specialized loan servicing software caters to Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs), considering their unique needs and challenges. The software is compatible with the CDFI Fund, and includes features like on-screen validations to maintain data integrity and minimize errors. It allows management of various loan types like microloans, small business loans, and affordable housing loans, offering customization to suit community needs. Notably, it includes tools for tracking and reporting the impact of loans on local economies. With seamless integration with other systems, it facilitates interoperability for smoother operations. BGI's software enables CDFIs to manage loans efficiently, manage compliance, and effectively measure their community impact.

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Multi-Family Lending

Comprehensive and Configurable Loan Servicing

BGI's loan servicing software is specifically tailored for multi-family lenders, enabling sophisticated management of multiple loans associated with a single project or property portfolio. It allows grouping loans by various parameters like project, property, or borrower, enhancing understanding of combined performance and risk. The software includes project-level functionalities, allowing tracking of construction progress, management of multiple funding sources, and organization of loans into projects with unique terms. It can handle multi-family loan complexities, such as variable repayment terms and specific escrow requirements. Furthermore, the software simplifies complex reporting in multi-family lending, offering detailed, customizable reports. It also streamlines compliance and regulatory processes. BGI's software simplifies loan management, providing insight and control necessary for successful lending outcomes.

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Economic Development Lending

Tailored Solutions for Development-Focused Agencies

BGI's loan servicing software caters to the unique needs of economic development agencies, aiding them in managing a diverse portfolio of loans aimed at fostering community growth and prosperity. The software supports various loan types, from small business loans to larger-scale community development loans, considering unique parameters like varied repayment structures and low-interest rates. It provides flexibility for managing performance-based terms and revolving loan funds. The software also offers robust reporting and analytic tools to provide a comprehensive view of lending activity, tracking progress, managing risks, and reporting outcomes. BGI's software empowers economic development agencies in their mission to drive growth and prosperity.

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Structured Settlements

Expert Support for Complex Financial Arrangements

BGI's loan servicing software offers specialized support for structured settlements, managing intricate payment streams associated with annuities, lottery winnings, and other periodic payment arrangements. The software handles both simple and complex payment schedules, including fixed, tiered, or life-contingent payments. It also manages the accounting of purchased payment streams, accurately calculating present value and purchase price considering various financial parameters. The software is adaptable to manage lump-sum or annuitized lottery payments, tailored to unique payout terms. Its robust reporting capabilities offer insights into payment histories, outstanding balances, and future payments, aiding decision-making and regulatory compliance. BGI's software streamlines structured settlements management, ensuring accurate service delivery and client satisfaction.

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Consumer Loans

Comprehensive Solutions for Diverse Loan Requirements

BGI's loan servicing software offers a comprehensive and customizable solution tailored for the diverse landscape of consumer lending. The software can manage various types of loans, from personal and auto loans to debt consolidation loans, regardless of size or complexity. It supports different interest calculation types and allows customization of interest compounding frequency. The software accommodates various payment schedules and methods, ensuring convenience for borrowers. Robust tracking and reporting capabilities enable lenders to monitor loan performance and maintain regulatory compliance while providing detailed loan statements for borrower transparency. With BGI's software, lenders can effectively cater to the unique requirements of consumer lending.

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Peer-to-Peer Lending

Streamlined Solutions for a Dynamic Marketplace

BGI's loan servicing software offers a versatile solution designed for the dynamic nature of Peer-to-Peer lending. It supports unlimited investors and borrowers, each with unique parameters, and provides a high level of customization to tailor loan terms, interest rates, and repayment schedules. The software ensures seamless integration with other systems, centralizing loan management and eliminating the need for manual data entry. With advanced tracking and reporting features, the software provides real-time loan status updates, enhancing decision-making capabilities and fostering transparency with investors and borrowers. By choosing BGI's software, businesses can streamline operations and enhance service delivery in the dynamic P2P lending environment.

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Hard Money Lending

Optimized for Unique Loan Scenarios

BGI's loan servicing software offers a streamlined solution tailored for the unique structures and time-sensitive situations often involved in hard money lending. Capable of swiftly managing both the application process and servicing of hard money loans, our software caters to the nuances of short-term durations and diverse parameters. With features to efficiently manage interest calculations, payment schedules, and loan-to-value ratios, the software accommodates varying interest rates, multiple draw schedules, and diverse property types. The software ensures accurate, real-time tracking of transactions and facilitates transparent communication with borrowers. By choosing BGI's software, hard money lenders can navigate their niche with precision, speed, and efficiency, optimizing the lending process in this fast-paced market.

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Agricultural Lending

Optimized Loan Servicing Solutions for the Unique Demands of Agricultural Lending

Understanding the unique demands and complexities of agricultural lending, BGI has designed a loan servicing software that offers flexible, sector-specific solutions. Recognizing the agricultural industry's seasonal cycles and market fluctuations, our software supports a variety of agricultural loans, including farm loans, land loans, equipment financing, and operating loans. It allows for custom loan repayment schedules, with the option to defer payments during off-season periods, aligning loan repayments with agricultural revenue flows. The software also offers structuring loans with balloon payments, providing added flexibility for borrowers. Additionally, it boasts robust tracking capabilities, offering real-time updates on loan statuses, automated interest calculations, and comprehensive reporting features. By opting for BGI's software, agricultural lenders can handle sector-specific challenges, providing borrowers with tailored solutions that acknowledge the distinct nature of their industry.

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