Loan Servicing Software for Hard Money Lenders

Optimized for Unique Loan Scenarios

At BGI, we understand that hard money lending often involves unique loan structures and time-sensitive situations. Our specialized software makes setting up loans with unique parameters a streamlined and simplified process.

Recognizing that hard money loans often have short-term durations and may require different parameters compared to traditional loans, our software is equipped to handle these nuances with ease. It's tailored to swiftly manage both the application process and servicing of your hard money loans, enabling you to respond quickly to borrower requirements, which is crucial in this competitive market.

Moreover, our software efficiently manages interest calculations, payment schedules, and loan-to-value ratios specific to hard money lending. It accommodates varying interest rates, multiple draw schedules, and diverse property types, making it a comprehensive solution for hard money lenders.

Additionally, our software ensures accurate tracking of all transactions, providing real-time information for lenders. It also facilitates transparent communication with borrowers, providing detailed statements and timely notifications, which are integral to maintaining good borrower relations.

With BGI's loan servicing software, hard money lenders can navigate the intricacies of their niche with precision, speed, and efficiency. We provide the tools to optimize your lending process, offering you the agility and flexibility you need in the fast-paced world of hard money lending.