Loan Servicing Software for Housing Finance Agencies

Customized Loan Servicing Solutions for Housing Finance Agencies

Housing Finance Authorities (HFAs), play a pivotal role in communities across the country, offering solutions to businesses, other government organizations, and individuals in need. Recognizing the unique challenges and specific needs associated with this type of lending, BGI has designed a comprehensive loan servicing system tailored to facilitate the work of these agencies.

Our software caters to a wide variety of loan programs typically managed by housing finance agencies offering commercial loans, from commercial mortgages, to construction loans, to development financing. We understand that each of these programs can have its own distinct parameters. Our software provides the flexibility needed to manage these unique loan structures, allowing you to customize loan parameters, including repayment schedules, interest calculation types, interest rates, and grace periods. You can optionally include other parameters such as including an unlimited number of investors (participants), an unlimited number of fees or escrow accounts. You can also add capabilities like tracking deferred interest, capitalized interest, default interest, and much more.

Additionally, housing finance agencies often administer programs funded by different sources, each with its own reporting requirements and compliance regulations. BGI's loan servicing software is designed to manage this complexity. It provides robust reporting capabilities that streamline the preparation of necessary reports, ensure accurate data tracking, and simplify regulatory compliance.

The importance of transparency and communication in the realm of housing finance cannot be overstated. Our software supports this need by providing clear, detailed loan statements for borrowers and enabling timely notifications about payment schedules, balance updates, and more. This open communication can enhance borrower relations and facilitate successful loan repayments.

Housing authorities also need to monitor their portfolio's performance, track progress towards their goals, and assess their impact on the communities they serve. Our software provides powerful analytics and reporting tools that deliver these insights, presenting data on loan performance, borrower demographics, community impact, and more.

By choosing BGI's loan servicing software, housing finance agencies can access a solution designed to meet their unique needs, streamline their operations, and enhance their service delivery. We are committed to supporting these agencies in their crucial work of providing commercial loans, construction loans, development financing, contributing to community development, and fostering economic growth.