Managing Your Loan Applications

Navigating the Loan Application Landscape: Streamlining Setup, Tracking, and Transfer with Our Comprehensive Tools

When it comes to managing your loan applications prior to transferring them to servicing, Benedict Group's dynamic features facilitate an efficient and streamlined process. We offer a sophisticated application tracking platform designed to enable you to create and/or import applications, gradually input data as it becomes available, and conveniently transfer it to servicing when the time is right.

Key features of our system include:

  • Customizable User-defined Checklists: Tailor your checklist items to match your unique needs and processes.
  • Progressive Data Entry: Accommodate the natural flow of information gathering by adding data as it becomes available, without the need for mandatory fields. Seamlessly link borrowers, investors, and more.
  • Application Status Monitoring: Keep your applications organized into distinct groups based on their status, facilitating easier tracking and management.
  • Rule-based Loan Configuration: Utilize the same robust rules as our loan servicing side to set up truly unique loans.
  • Application Import: Standard application import capability comes built-in and is readily customizable. Integrate your CRM or origination system for smooth data flow.
  • Document Management: Track property documents or other documents easily and effectively..

With these cutting-edge features, Benedict Group revolutionizes the way you handle your loan applications. Our solutions are designed to empower lenders by providing the necessary tools for efficient application management before transitioning to loan servicing.

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