Asset Management

With The LOANS! Solution

Track all aspects of asset management.

You’ll be able to track the property information from a financial point of view. You’ll be able to load up all the financial statement information as you get it from your development, and you can also track things like rent rolls, occupancy, etc.

  • Financial performance - including tracking financial statements, rent roll, rollover, and more.
  • Construction loans - Manage the entire construction budget including tracking user-defined line items, fundings, and draws. Easily switch from interest only to amortizing using pending changes(link).
  • Real-time access to all loan master information.
  • REO - If you take ownership or if you already own it - you can track REO information as needed.
  • Inspections - Schedule inspections, receive inspection notices, and track the inspection process.
  • Doucment management - Track documents, images, videos, and URLs and associate them to the property.

Solving Loan Servicing
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