Asset Management For Every Loan

Asset Management For Tracking

At Benedict Group, we understand that a thorough grasp of your asset portfolio's performance is key to your financial success. Our comprehensive software allows you to track and manage every most facets of asset management, offering a useful perspective on your property information.

Our features are designed to give you the control you want:

  • Financial Performance: Comprehensive tracking of financial statements, rent roll, rollover, and more gives you the ability to keep your finger on the pulse of your assets' financial health.
  • Construction Loans: Manage the entire construction budget, including user-defined line items, fundings, and draws. Seamlessly transition from interest-only to amortizing with our easy-to-use pending changes feature.
  • Loan Master Information: Real-time access to all loan master information ensures you have the data you need, when you need it.
  • REO: Whether you're taking ownership or already own it, our system allows you to track REO information as needed for complete asset oversight.
  • Inspections: Schedule and track inspections, receive timely inspection notices, and keep abreast of the inspection process.
  • Document Management: Efficiently track and associate documents, images, videos, and URLs to the relevant property.

Our asset management tracking system is designed to provide a clear, comprehensive, and actionable overview of your portfolio, setting you up for informed decision-making and financial success.

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