Loan Servicing Software for CDFI Lenders

CDFI Loan Servicing Software for Optimized Loan Management

Leverage our deep-rooted experience spanning over two decades in providing state-of-the-art loan servicing software to prominent state and municipal organizations, specializing in multi-family and economic development loans. Our software is compliant with the Community Investment Impact System (CIIS), making it an ideal solution for CDFI lenders seeking flexibility and extended functionality in loan servicing.

We understand the criticality of adaptability in CDFI loan servicing and have tailored our software to address complex loan needs. Our software accommodates user-defined fields, participation loans, multi-escrow, multi-family, construction loans, and other loans with extensive processing requirements.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive Portfolio Management: Support for multi-company and multi-division, managing portfolios beyond just CDFI loan types.
  • Automated Loan Application Tracking: Streamlines loan processing from application to closing.
  • Dynamic Loan Changes: Automatic implementation of loan changes like transitioning from fixed to variable rate.
  • Customizable Loan Templates: User-defined loan templates for quick and easy loan creation.
  • Contact Management: User-defined contact types for efficient organization of your loan portfolio-related contacts.
  • Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) and Variable Rate Mortgage (VRM) Processing: Offers flexible processing for ARM and VRM loans.
  • Billing and Invoicing: User-defined invoices for personalized billing requirements.
  • Principal Disbursements: Manual and automated principal disbursement options for flexibility.
  • Financial Transaction Management: Handles cash, non-cash transactions, payoffs, and reversals with ease.
  • Audit Control: Extensive change audit control to monitor changes, ensuring transparency and accountability.
  • Project Tracking: Includes summarized billing and loan aging for better project management.
  • Late Charge Processing: Automated late charge processing to eliminate manual errors.
  • Loan Restructuring: Automated interest deferral or capitalization during loan restructuring.
  • Insurance, Tax, and Escrow Processing: Manage unlimited, user-defined escrow balances per loan with ease.
  • Collateral Tracking: Supports an unlimited number of collateral types.
  • Asset Management: Track financial statements, rent rolls, and construction with our comprehensive asset management feature.
  • Seamless Interfaces: User-defined interfaces for Automated Clearing House (ACH), general ledger, and lockbox processing.
  • Historical Reporting: Track key loan status information for month-end reporting.
  • Earned Income Reporting: Accurate and automated earned income reports.
  • Risk Management: Automated, user-defined loan ratings and collections support.
  • Loan Sales and Transfer Support: Manage unlimited investors per loan and multi-level reporting.
  • Portfolio Analysis and Reporting: Comprehensive reports including accounting, regulatory, and investor reports.
  • Workflow Management: Automated, user-defined action queues and letters.
  • Document and Image Management: Easily track photos, documents, and URLs related to your loan portfolio.

Our CDFI loan servicing software is designed to handle the most complex loan processing requirements, offering unmatched flexibility and functionality for lenders. It's the ultimate solution for managing and optimizing your CDFI loan portfolio.

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