Loan Management For Many Industries

With The LOANS! Solution

Software as unique as your loan types.

Our clients range across many industries and using the configuration rules we can support loan types to match these industries.

Commercial Lenders

Offering an exceedingly flexible system to control all aspects of the commercial loan servicing process.

Insurance Companies

With options like an investor hierarchy, multi-basis loan accounting, the LOANS! solution is catered nicely for insurance companies servicing their own loans.


Offering specialized CIIS approved software for Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) with on-screen validations to decrease and elimiate error reports.

Multi-Family Lenders

Group loans together however you'd like with project functionality and much more.

Mortgage Lenders

We excel at supporting the standard mortgage with many features like user-defined escrow accounts.

Economic Development

We work with many economic development agencies and are very familiar with the intricacies.

Structured Settlements

Offering support for the servicing and accounting of purchased payment streams such as annuities, lottery winnings, and other structured settlements.

Consumer Loans

Our software can handle loan sizes of any amount, and allow for a huge level of customizations when it comes to interest calculations and payment terms.

Peer to Peer

Offering support for unlimited investors and unlimited borrowers - all with their own parameters. Additionally, you can integrate with your other systems as needed.

Hard Money Lenders

Do you have some unique twist, setting up a loan with unqiue parameters has never been easier. Handle your short-term hard money loans quickly.

Agricultural Lending

Provides repayment flexibility to match the complex industry and short-term loans with custom loan payment schedules. Easily defer payments during the off season with the option of a balloon payment later. Our loan servicing software can handle many types of agriculture loans such as: farm, land, equipment, and operating loans.

Solving Loan Servicing
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