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Our clients range across many industries and using the configuration rules we can support loan types to match these industries.

Commercial Lenders: Seamless Control Over Loan Servicing Process

Commercial lenders face a unique set of challenges in managing diverse loan portfolios. Understanding this, BGI offers an exceedingly flexible loan servicing system designed to cater specifically to the needs of commercial lenders. Our software solution takes the complexity out of managing various aspects of the commercial loan servicing process, providing seamless control and enhancing efficiency.

From application to payoff and beyond, our platform helps manage every step of the commercial loan lifecycle. Whether it's structuring a complex syndicated loan, overseeing a portfolio of term loans, or managing lines of credit, our software provides the necessary tools and capabilities. With BGI, commercial lenders can easily handle multiple amortization schedules, variable interest rates, and balloon payments, among other intricacies associated with commercial loans.

Our software offers the ability to track all loan-related data, including borrower details, collateral, and repayment schedules. The comprehensive functionality provides real-time updates and insights, enabling lenders to make informed decisions and act promptly on potential issues.

Further, we understand the significance of accurate and timely reporting for commercial lenders. Therefore, our software includes robust reporting features that can generate regulatory, internal, and investor reports. Whether it's for compliance, risk assessment, or portfolio management, BGI's software solution helps commercial lenders generate reports that suit their requirements.

Additionally, our system allows for seamless integration with other financial systems and tools, ensuring a unified and coherent workflow. This not only improves operational efficiency but also minimizes errors that can occur due to manual data transfer between systems.

In summary, BGI's software solution provides commercial lenders with a powerful, flexible, and intuitive platform to manage their loan servicing process. With our platform, commercial lenders can focus more on strategic decision-making and less on managing day-to-day loan operations, leading to enhanced productivity and profitability.

Insurance Companies: Empowering Loan Servicing with Advanced Solutions

Insurance companies often service a diverse range of loans, and each comes with its unique set of requirements and complexities. That's where BGI steps in, offering LOANS! - a sophisticated loan servicing solution crafted to cater to the specific needs of insurance companies servicing their own loans.

Our software incorporates a variety of advanced features designed to streamline the loan servicing process for insurance companies. One such feature is the investor hierarchy option. This functionality enables insurance companies to categorize, manage, and report on their investment portfolios at various hierarchical levels - from individual loans to consolidated portfolio overviews. This makes it easier to track, analyze, and report on the performance of various segments of the portfolio, enhancing decision-making and strategic planning.

Moreover, LOANS! also offers multi-basis loan accounting, an essential tool for managing loans with differing accounting methodologies. Whether it's simple interest, compound interest, or other complex methods, our software can accommodate it all. This versatility allows insurance companies to manage diverse loan types within one unified system, saving time and reducing the risk of errors.

Furthermore, we understand that insurance companies often manage multiple loans across various sectors, each with its unique parameters and repayment schedules. Therefore, we've incorporated extensive customization options in our software to accommodate varying loan characteristics. Whether it's a commercial real estate loan, a policy loan, or an asset-backed security, LOANS! can handle it efficiently and accurately.

Our focus is to provide a comprehensive solution that addresses the unique loan servicing requirements of insurance companies, enabling them to focus on their core business. With BGI's LOANS! software, insurance companies can effectively manage their loan portfolios, improve operational efficiencies, and optimize their financial performance.

CDFIs: Specialized Software for Community Impact

Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) play a crucial role in supporting local economies and driving positive change. These institutions often grapple with unique challenges in loan servicing due to their diverse portfolio, nuanced compliance requirements, and a strong focus on community impact. Recognizing these unique needs, BGI has crafted a software solution designed specifically for CDFIs.

BGI's loan servicing software was built to work with the Community Investment Impact System (CIIS) and offers specialized support for CDFIs. Our software simplifies the process of managing these loans. We provide in-built, on-screen validations that help maintain data integrity, minimize data entry errors, and ultimately decrease the number of error reports. This allows CDFIs to maintain a high level of reporting accuracy without additional manual checking or corrective processes.

We understand that CDFIs often deal with various loan types, including microloans, small business loans, affordable housing loans, and more. Our software is capable of managing this diverse loan portfolio, allowing for a wide range of customization in loan parameters. This flexibility enables CDFIs to tailor loan structures to the needs of their communities, promoting economic growth and development.

Another significant aspect of CDFI operations is impact measurement. Our software includes tools that allow CDFIs to track and report the impact of their loans, providing quantifiable measures of the positive change they're driving. These might include job creation numbers, businesses supported, or housing units funded, among other metrics.

Our software also facilitates smooth integration with other systems, ensuring seamless data flow between different platforms. This interoperability is essential for CDFIs who need to integrate their loan servicing processes with other aspects of their operations, such as fundraising, grant management, or community engagement.

By choosing BGI's specialized CDFI loan servicing software, institutions can manage their loan portfolios more efficiently, comply with CIIS regulations more easily, and measure their impact more effectively. Our software helps CDFIs continue their essential work of fostering economic development and community prosperity.

Multi-Family Lending: Comprehensive and Configurable Loan Servicing

In the multi-family lending space, managing multiple loans associated with a single project or property portfolio requires a level of sophistication and flexibility. At BGI, we've developed our loan servicing software to cater explicitly to these needs, providing an effective solution for multi-family lenders.

Our software allows for the grouping of loans in any way you see fit, which is particularly beneficial in the realm of multi-family lending. For instance, you can group loans by project, property, borrower, or any other parameter. This gives you the ability to view, manage, and analyze loans in the context of a specific project or portfolio, enhancing your understanding of their combined performance and risk exposure.

Moreover, our software offers an extensive range of project functionalities. You can track project-level information, monitor construction progress, manage multiple funding sources, and even organize loans into projects, each with its own terms and conditions. This feature is especially useful when dealing with large-scale multi-family projects funded by various sources and comprised of multiple loan agreements.

Additionally, our software can handle the intricacies of multi-family loans, such as variable repayment terms, tiered interest rates, and specific escrow requirements. You can configure these and many more loan parameters to reflect the unique characteristics of your multi-family loans.

Reporting in the multi-family lending arena can be complex, requiring the consolidation of data across multiple loans and properties. Our software makes this task easier with its comprehensive reporting capabilities, offering detailed, customizable reports that present the data you need in an easy-to-understand format. Whether you're interested in loan performance, project progress, or portfolio risk, our software delivers the insight you need.

Finally, our software can handle the unique compliance and regulatory requirements of multi-family lending, simplifying the process of compiling and generating the necessary reports.

With BGI's loan servicing software, multi-family lenders can navigate the complexities of their field with a tool that's been designed with their specific needs in mind. Our aim is to provide a solution that not only simplifies loan management but also delivers the insight and control necessary to drive successful lending outcomes.

Economic Development Lending: Tailored Solutions for Development-Focused Agencies

Economic development agencies play a vital role in fostering growth and prosperity within communities. They often manage a portfolio of loans that support businesses and initiatives aimed at creating jobs, enhancing infrastructure, and fostering innovation. At BGI, we understand the intricate demands of economic development lending and have designed our loan servicing software with these specific needs in mind.

Our software caters to the diverse range of loans typically managed by economic development agencies, from small business loans and microloans to larger-scale infrastructure or community development loans. We acknowledge the unique parameters these loans often possess, such as varied repayment structures, low-interest rates, or extended grace periods.

Our loan servicing software offers the flexibility and adaptability needed to cater to these distinct characteristics. It allows for the configuration of a variety of loan parameters, including customizable repayment schedules, interest rates, and grace periods.

Moreover, our software can manage the specialized requirements of economic development loans, such as performance-based terms, where repayments can be linked to job creation or other development indicators. It also accommodates revolving loan funds where repaid funds are lent out again to new borrowers.

An economic development agency needs a precise, comprehensive view of its lending activity to track progress, manage risks, and report to stakeholders. Our software offers robust reporting and analytic tools that deliver this insight, presenting data on loan performance, repayment rates, job creation outcomes, and more.

An economic development agency needs a precise, comprehensive view of its lending activity to track progress, manage risks, and report to stakeholders. Our software offers robust reporting and analytic tools that deliver this insight, presenting data on loan performance, repayment rates, job creation outcomes, and more.

By choosing BGI's loan servicing software for economic development, agencies can leverage a solution built with an understanding of their unique lending landscape. We are committed to providing tools that aid economic development agencies in their vital work of fostering growth and prosperity in their communities.

Structured Settlements: Expert Support for Complex Financial Arrangements

Structured settlements often involve intricate payment streams, requiring meticulous management and accounting. At BGI, our loan servicing software offers robust and comprehensive support specifically tailored for structured settlements such as annuities, lottery winnings, and various other types of periodic payment arrangements.

With the ability to handle both simple and complex payment schedules, our software provides the precision necessary to manage and track these unique financial arrangements. It has the capability to handle various types of payment streams, be they regular fixed payments, tiered payments that change over time, or even life-contingent payments linked to the recipient's lifespan.

Moreover, our software enables you to effectively manage the accounting of purchased structured settlement payment streams. It accurately calculates the present value and the purchase price of the payment stream, considering the complexities like discount rates and payment frequencies. Our software's in-built financial tools ensure that all such calculations are accurate and compliant with the pertinent financial standards and regulations.

In the case of lottery winnings, the software can manage lump-sum payouts or annuitized payments spread over years. It offers the flexibility to tailor the payout terms according to the unique requirements of each lottery win, including variations in the payment amounts and frequencies.

Furthermore, our software comes with robust reporting capabilities, providing detailed reports on payment histories, outstanding balances, and anticipated future payments. This not only aids in making informed decisions but also simplifies the task of regulatory reporting and compliance.

With BGI's loan servicing software, managing structured settlements becomes a more streamlined and accurate process, thereby enhancing your service delivery and ensuring the satisfaction of your clients. It's a comprehensive solution built to tackle the specific challenges that come with servicing and accounting for structured settlements.

Consumer Loans: Comprehensive Solutions for Diverse Loan Requirements

In the multifaceted landscape of consumer lending, each loan comes with its unique set of parameters. To accommodate this diversity, BGI's loan servicing software is designed to handle loans of all sizes and offers a high degree of customization to cater to a wide array of consumer loans.

Whether it's a personal loan for a significant purchase, an auto loan, or a debt consolidation loan, our software can manage it effectively. It can handle small, short-term loans with accelerated repayment schedules as effortlessly as it can large, long-term loans that require more complex management.

Our software's flexibility extends to interest calculations and payment terms as well. It can handle various types of interest calculations, including simple, compound, and amortized interest. Furthermore, it allows lenders to customize the frequency of interest compounding to match the specifics of each loan agreement. Whether it's daily, monthly, quarterly, or annually, our software can accurately calculate and apply interest according to the agreed terms.

Payment terms, a crucial component of any loan, can also be highly customized with our software. It can accommodate a broad range of payment schedules — from weekly to bi-weekly, monthly, or lump-sum payments. Plus, it supports different payment methods, including direct debit, check, and online transfers, offering convenience to your borrowers.

Moreover, our software includes robust tracking and reporting capabilities, enabling lenders to monitor loan performance and maintain compliance with regulatory requirements. It also enhances transparency for borrowers by providing detailed loan statements, including principal balance, accrued interest, and payment history.

By choosing BGI's loan servicing software for consumer loans, lenders can expect a comprehensive, flexible solution that understands and caters to the diverse and unique requirements of consumer lending.

Peer-to-Peer Lending: Streamlined Solutions for a Dynamic Marketplace

Peer-to-Peer lending has revolutionized the financial landscape by offering an alternative, more direct form of lending. In this dynamic marketplace, BGI’s loan servicing software provides an innovative, scalable, and reliable solution that can meet your unique needs.

Our software is engineered to support unlimited investors and borrowers, each with their own unique parameters. We understand that every transaction in the peer-to-peer marketplace is unique, so we've designed our software with a high level of customization. This allows you to tailor loan terms, interest rates, and repayment schedules on a case-by-case basis. As a result, our software accommodates the vast diversity of lending and borrowing needs within the peer-to-peer environment.

Furthermore, BGI's loan servicing software allows for seamless integration with your other systems. Whether you're using customer relationship management software, risk management tools, or third-party payment processors, our software ensures smooth interoperability. This integration capability allows for centralized management of your loans, investors, and borrowers. It eliminates the need for manual data entry across multiple platforms, saving you time and reducing the risk of errors.

With advanced tracking and reporting features, our software provides complete transparency for both lenders and borrowers. It allows for real-time monitoring of loan status, payments, and arrears, providing a clear snapshot of the loan performance at any given moment. This real-time reporting not only enhances your decision-making capabilities but also fosters trust and transparency with your investors and borrowers.

By choosing BGI's loan servicing software for peer-to-peer lending, you're equipping your business with a versatile and powerful tool, designed to streamline operations and enhance your service delivery in this dynamic lending environment.

Hard Money Lending: Optimized for Unique Loan Scenarios

At BGI, we understand that hard money lending often involves unique loan structures and time-sensitive situations. Our specialized software makes setting up loans with unique parameters a streamlined and simplified process.

Recognizing that hard money loans often have short-term durations and may require different parameters compared to traditional loans, our software is equipped to handle these nuances with ease. It's tailored to swiftly manage both the application process and servicing of your hard money loans, enabling you to respond quickly to borrower requirements, which is crucial in this competitive market.

Moreover, our software efficiently manages interest calculations, payment schedules, and loan-to-value ratios specific to hard money lending. It accommodates varying interest rates, multiple draw schedules, and diverse property types, making it a comprehensive solution for hard money lenders.

Additionally, our software ensures accurate tracking of all transactions, providing real-time information for lenders. It also facilitates transparent communication with borrowers, providing detailed statements and timely notifications, which are integral to maintaining good borrower relations.

With BGI's loan servicing software, hard money lenders can navigate the intricacies of their niche with precision, speed, and efficiency. We provide the tools to optimize your lending process, offering you the agility and flexibility you need in the fast-paced world of hard money lending.

Agricultural Lending: Tailored Solutions for a Dynamic Industry

Agricultural lending is characterized by its own unique set of demands and complexities. Understanding these intricacies, BGI has designed a loan servicing software that offers flexible solutions tailored to the needs of this sector.

Our software is developed with an acute understanding of the seasonal cycles and market fluctuations that govern the agricultural industry. It provides comprehensive support for various types of agricultural loans, including farm loans, land loans, equipment financing, and operating loans, amongst others.

Recognizing the seasonal nature of farming income, our software allows for the creation of custom loan repayment schedules. It provides the flexibility to easily defer payments during off-season periods, accommodating the ebb and flow of agricultural revenue. This functionality ensures that loan repayments align with your borrowers' cash flow patterns, offering a level of convenience that strengthens borrower-lender relationships.

Additionally, our software offers the option of structuring loans with balloon payments. This gives your borrowers the opportunity to make smaller payments during the term of the loan, with a larger lump sum due at a later specified date. This feature offers added flexibility, allowing you to cater to the unique financial situations of your borrowers.

Moreover, our loan servicing software provides robust tracking capabilities to monitor all types of agricultural loans. This includes real-time updates on loan statuses, automated interest calculations, and comprehensive reporting features that provide insights into the overall loan portfolio performance.

With BGI's agricultural lending software, you can handle the unique challenges of the sector with ease, providing your borrowers with flexible, tailored solutions that recognize the distinctive nature of their industry.

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