User-Friendly Reporting For Investors, Borrowers, and Users

Enhance your commercial loan operations with our comprehensive investor reporting solutions designed for lenders. Our offerings include a wide range of standard reports, customizable ad-hoc reports, and seamless integration with 3rd party-reporting tools. Streamline your business operations, satisfy audit requirements, and provide high-quality reports for your borrowers, investors, developers, and more.

Experience the benefits of our diverse range of standard reports, each equipped with unique filters, sort capabilities, and varied output options. For those seeking tailor-made solutions, our user-friendly ReportWriter for Ad-Hoc reporting is an ideal tool. It enables the creation of personalized templates that incorporate multiple tables, totals, sorts, and run-time filters.

Automate your reporting process through our Schedule Reports feature. With it, you can set filters and sorts for your reports and schedule them to run automatically. This provides a hands-off approach to investor reporting for commercial loans, ensuring consistency and timeliness.

Unleash the potential of 3rd party tools for reporting. You have unrestricted access to the SQL database, allowing you to utilize any third-party reporting tools with which you are familiar. Generate graphical and complex reports tailored to your needs.

Our platform offers flexible filters and sorts for every report. Each report is equipped with its unique set of filters, sort capabilities, and output options. This means you have total control over the data you present.

Integration has never been easier. Our system supports integrations with mail merge, Excel, and PDF. This ensures that you can easily save reports and integrate them with other platforms for further customization. Plus, you can print or email these documents as required.

If you're a lender seeking to optimize investor reporting for your commercial loans, our robust, customizable, and user-friendly reporting solutions are the perfect fit. Take control of your reporting today and experience the convenience of automated and customizable solutions.

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