Reporting and Data Output

With The LOANS! Solution

Providing many standard reports, custom ad-hoc reporting, and 3rd party-reporting tools.

Reporting is crucial for internal purposes, audit reasons, and for your borrowers, investors, developers, etc. We have built in many standard reports - all with their own filters, sorts, and output options. We also provide an easy-to-use ReportWriter for Ad-Hoc reporting which can include multiple tables, totals, sorts, and run-time filters. You may also use your own 3rd party report writer such as Crystal Reports or SSRS.

  • Schedule Reports - Every report within the system provides an output screen that allows you to determine your filter and sorts and then to schedule your reports to be run automatically.
  • Ad-hoc reports - Using our easy to learn ReportWriter you can create you own templates which offers totals, run-time filters, and the ability to schedule and/or run these reports as often as you need.
  • 3rd party tools - You can access the SQL database and use any third party reporting tool that you're familiar with to create graphical and complex reports as needed.
  • Filters and sorts - Every report comes with it's own set of filter, sort, and output options.
  • Integrations - mail merge, excel, pdf - throughout the system, we allow you to integrate elsewhere. for example, saving to excel or pdf is available, and also the option of integrating with mail merge for further customization. You can then print or email these documents.

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