Sub-Systems For Any Lender

Our subsystems are included with your license and fully integrated.

Utilize our subsystems to automate your regular processing, convert your loans initially or with a newly purchased portfolio, track all changes made within the system, and much more.


Generalized tools to improve your life.

Change Audit Control

Track everything that happens within the software. Change audit records a history of data deletions and changes.

Each audit record includes who made the change, when they made it, the before and after values of any field changed, and the function used. After that you can decide how long each type of audit is retained in your software.

Contact Management

This is your portfolio rolodex. Maintain all the people and organizations with whom you do business, such as originators, attorneys, and property inspectors.

Track a huge amount of information per contact. Also know that by changing their info in one place it will change everywhere. For each contact, you can track as many addresses, telephone numbers, emails, etc. as you wish. Track all of the individuals associated with the contact and their positions. Even track any documents linked to the contact, and keep as many notes as you'd like.

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Once entered, a contact can be accessed directly or be linked to as many loans and or projects as you wish. You can even link the same contact to one loan multiple times if it serves more than one role. In addition, contacts can be linked to workflow items, either automatically by the software, or manually. Once linked, the appropriate contacts are then notified of their uncompleted items and action dates.


Important your data from a huge variety of sources.

You only have to select the tables and fields you wish to update, and then sequence the order of the fields to be imported. The DataImporter can be used for everything from your initial conversion to regularly scheduled data maintenance.

Document and Image Tracking

Maintain a library of images and documents, and link them to loans, contacts, and other entities in the software. You can easily access and view these using whatever software product is linked to their file type in your system’s registry.

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Property tours and other videos


Pictures of the property or something else - the choice is yours


Closing docs, borrower docs, whatever you want


Open websites or links directly from the system


You get to define the ways in which a loan can be cross-referenced and accessed. For example, you could set up lookups by loan number, property address, city and state, zip code, borrower name, tax id, insurance policy number, telephone number, and an almost unlimited number of other methods. The number of lookup types is limited only by the number of loan-related fields available.


Easily create ad-hoc, on the fly reports. The ReportWriter can also be used to export data from the software or to integrate with a another system. Create run-time parameters, choose your sorts, join your tables, define your from/tos, and add totals. Run these reports whenever you'd like or schedule them for increased automation.

You only have to select the tables and fields you wish to export or report on, and then sequence the order of the fields. The ReportWriter can be used for everything from your day to day reporting needs, to regular data extraction for integrations or other needs, and all the way to full system conversions.

System Security

We include extensive security, and with it comes options to define things like security groups or to regulate password parameters. Security can even be turned off at the function level, and sometimes even the field level.

Workflow Management

Workflow provides powerful tools for creating, prioritizing, and tracking an organization’s workflow items. Create Action Queues or Workflow rules to fit your needs - the software will geneate the workflow items automatically and keep your users in sync.

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