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The FEES!™ Solution

Configure your accounts with your rules for your world.

No other fee billing system comes close to our overall offer. Functionality for any need, conversion methods for any situation and any format, implementation guidelines and project management to provide a 100% success rate, and an on-demand support model without annual fees that is truly dedicated to the you.

Our wealth management software includes a broad range of sophisticated processing support such as: Accounts and Client Tracking, Accounts Receivable Support, Complex Billing Situations, Flexible GL Interface, Market Values, Month End Accruals Processing, Cashflow Projections Modeling


FEES! For .Net offers fee billing and management software for fee calculation, billing, accounts receivable, and income projection for complex, investment management accounts.

Our fee billing software has been developed in conjunction with some of the largest money managers in the United States. Our truly customizable software offers fee calculation, fee billing, accounts receivable, and income projection for complex investment management accounts.

Acounts & Clients

Clients and Accounts lie at the heart of the software. Tracking an unlimited number of clients and accounts along with other system entities and relationships.

Beyond this you'll enjoy real-time account analysis, with filters and fees totaling that include selection by account status, office, broker, manager and other system parameters.

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  • Account market tracking and reporting.
  • Account portfolio tracking and reporting.
  • Account transfer history.
  • Automated interfaces to outside systems, including account and market value information.

Accounts Receivable Support

Extensive support including client statement generation, payment processing with automated general ledger interface, and lock box processing.

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  • Automated processing of debit accounts.
  • User-defined transaction types.
  • Aged receivables reporting.
  • Transaction history reporting.

Complex Billing Situations

Complex scenarios are our specialty and we've been handling them for a long time. We understand that the functionliaty of a software platform is only as good as the benefits it provides, the flexibility with which it can be adapted, and its scalability as needs grow over time.

For over a decade we've proven to offer a highly stable and robust application capable of amazingly complex situatons. We offer peace of mind and superior performance.

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  • User defined fee programs and billing parameters at the fee (asset) class, account, and/or client level.
  • Flat fee, percentage, and tier (both cumulative and step) billing.
  • Tier billing across a client’s accounts.
  • Billing based on start of period, average, or end-of-period market values.
  • Rules based asset classes.
  • Billing in advance or in arrears using various billing periods.
  • Fee allocations across internal and external organizations.
  • Minimum and maximum fees.
  • Monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual billing.
  • Combined, prorated, or individual billing at the client, trust, or other levels.
  • Ability to exclude amounts or fee (asset) classes from the fee calculations.
  • Ability to include/exclude income, accrued interest, and unsupervised assets in the billing process.
  • Ability to add additional internal and external fees to the billing process for a specified date range.
  • Client and account discount processing.
  • Ability to apply refund and waive amounts to billing.lling.
  • Auto account debiting or standard remittance billing.
  • Billing by account and fee (asset) class.
  • Tracking of manual and automated bills.
  • Account tax rate calculations.
  • Storage of details billing elements by account and fee (asset) class.
  • Invoices that can be easily customized with your logo, layout, and artwork.

GL Interface

We provide an automated, user-defined interface for linking your financial data in with your general ledger system(s).

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  • The ability to set up as many interfaces as you’d like, and the ability to link to more than one GL system and/or more than one set of accounts for the same GL(e.g. by loan and by investor).
  • The ability to generate GL entries based on specific payment transactions or month end balances.
  • The ability to define the general ledger accounts to be used based on optional selection criteria, such as loan type, dollar limit, or whether a loan is agent serviced.
  • Automated calculation of financial statementThe ability to view the GL entries generated prior to their being exported, and make corrections as needed.
Fee Billing Software - Benedict Group
FEES!™ For .Net

Market Values

The fee billing software uses market value information as the primary financial basis for its fee calculations. Market values can be loaded from different outside sources or you can update them directly. You may then select which source a particular function such as billing or month end accruals, should use. You can even select whether or not only reconciled market values should be used for billing.

When creating an account's market values, you can optionally enter any accrued interest and whether a portion of the market value should be excluded from billing. In addition, you can independently enter exclude amounts in a separate table, with the reason for each, and then have these amounts automatically summarized into the appropriate market value.

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  • Set up market value rule groups and rules which specify the criteria (e.g. fixed type, issue type, security type) that a position (e.g. a particular bond or equity) must meet in order to fall within a billable fee class.
  • Link an account to a number of market value groups, so that they can then be referenced whenever positions are created for that account.
  • Import or manually create market value positions and automatically have their fee classes determined and their values summarized into market values by fee class and ‘as of’ date.
  • Globally change a value for a particular rule type (e.g. fixed type) within all market value rules.

Month End Accruals Processing

We include the ability to calculate accruals for each month end, and you can use this function to calculate an accrued fee for each month end and for each account. In addition, the month end process will store a “snapshot” of other information pertaining to the account.

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  • Month end fee accruals by account and fee (asset) class.
  • Storage of account history by month.
  • Accruals reporting and reconciliation.

Cashflow Projection Modeling

The software includes the ability to project your clients into the future.

You can use this to forecast what the impact would be if market values increase or decrease (by fee class), and to simulate what the effect would be if you changed elements of your billing terms. In addition, you can store various projection models (i.e. original, 2nd quarter, etc.). You'll then be able to project the fees that can be expected, based on your parameters, and use our Projections Inquiry to view them.

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  • Support for multiple projection models.
  • User-defined projection parameters, including fee program changes.
  • Projected cashflow generation by model.
  • Projected cashflow reporting by model.
Fee Billing Software - Benedict Group
FEES!™ For .Net