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Commercial Loan Servicing Software

Unparalleled Flexibility for Complex Loans

Transform your lending operations with our commercial loan servicing software and services. Explore our highly configurable loan management software tailored for commercial lenders with unique loan processing needs.

Commercial Loan Application Tracking Software

Our loan management software simplifies creating, managing, and tracking loan applications in one place. With user-defined checklists, loan approval workflows, and document tracking, our software for commercial lenders makes transferring to servicing as seamless as possible.

Commercial Loan Servicing Software

Configure our commercial loan servicing software with unparalleled flexibility for your commercial loans. From commercial mortgages and participation loans to construction loans and loans with multiple escrow accounts, we're the perfect fit for lenders dealing with complex asset management.

Loan Accounting Management Software

Manage your loan accounting with in-depth analytics, a complete financial history, and with a user-defined GL interface, your loan accounting has never been easier.

Participant/Investor Reporting

Offering a huge number of built-in standard reports, an easy to use reportwriter, and complete access to your data for straight forward investor reporting. Come to us for your loan management reporting needs.

Our Loan Servicing Software

At Benedict Group, we are the pioneers in providing comprehensive and versatile loan servicing software that caters to the diverse needs of commercial lenders. Our software seamlessly integrates loan application tracking, commercial loan servicing, loan accounting, and participant/investor reporting into a unified platform.

We provide an unparalleled degree of flexibility and configurability, making our software the perfect companion for managing a wide variety of loans, including commercial mortgages, participation loans, construction loans, and more. Our rules driven approach to managing any user-defined loan type significantly improves the efficiency of how lenders service their loans. Our software offers in-depth analytics and a complete financial history, simplifying loan accounting. Furthermore, our software allows for direct integration with your existing GL interface, making the entire process even smoother.

When it comes to participant/investor reporting, we offer an extensive range of built-in standard reports, along with an easy-to-use report writer. We provide complete access to your data for straightforward investor reporting, fulfilling your loan management reporting needs.

Beyond the standard offerings, BGI believes in empowering its clients with unique customizations tailored to their individual needs. We offer an open architecture, allowing your systems to communicate effectively. And with our source code access, we empower your development team to take over if you so desire.

Our loan servicing software handles an unlimited number of loans, borrowers, collateral, investors, escrow, properties, projects, user-defined fields, and more. It caters to a range of loan scenarios, from simple to complex, and has been real-world tested by multi-billion dollar companies over the years.

Moreover, BGI's pricing strategy is truly individual. We charge a one-time fee for all our loan servicing functionality and price per concurrent user rather than per loan, rewarding increased automation, efficiency, and a higher loan per user ratio.

At BGI, we provide you with a single point of contact for all your needs, offering a personalized and uninterrupted service experience. Whether you prefer in-house servers or cloud-based solutions, the choice is entirely yours.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction and providing top-tier loan servicing software solutions have allowed our clients to service over $250 billion across more than a million loans.

Embrace BGI's Commercial Loan Servicing Software - it's designed to cater to your unique needs, making it truly your own.

Core Loan Servicing Features

With a focus on the complex, our loan servicing software enables you to define your loan rules. Pick and choose configuration options such as interest type, calculation type, and so many more. With the depth of configuration possible we can support almost any loan scenario.

Asset Management

Support for asset management from a financial point of view. You’ll be able to load up all the financial statement information as you get it from your development, and you can also track things like rent rolls, occupancy, etc.

Construction Loan Support

Track your construction loans user-defined budgets, line items, fundings, and draws. Easily convert to amortizing when ready.

CDFI Tracking And Reporting

CIIS compliant with features to support the unique needs each CDFI has such as user-defined fields, ad-hoc reporting, and more.

Collateral Loan Tracking

Track any piece of loan collateral or as many pieces of collateral as you need and then associate them to one loan or to multiple.

Automated Loan Changes

Implement as many loan modifications and/or changes as you'd like such as switching from interest only to amortizing, changing a monthly payment amount, or much more.

Extensive Escrow Processing.

Tax and insurance, but also user-defined accounts for whatever you need. With our escrow processing you'll be able to handle reporting, escrow analysis, and disbursements.

Investor Tracking And Reporting

Track an unlimited number of investors or support participation loans easily. Each can have their own rules such as interest rates, fees, etc. Then provide reporting as needed.

Deferred and Capitalized Interest

Track your complex interest easily with support for deferred interest and capitalized interest.

General Ledger Interface

We support your loan accounting needs through a user-defined GL interface with your accounting system.

Custom Billing Schedules

Have a unique or want a custom billing schedule? Use our loan management software to set it up how you need.

User-Defined Fees

Unlimited user-defined/custom fees per loan that you label and define the rules for how they should work and when they should be implemented.

Delinquent Loans

We track all kind of legal actions for delinquent loans such as foreclosure, forebearance, and provide features to make this type of situation a little easier. Such as maturity date adjustments, deferred interest, and loan modifications.

Integrated Sub-Systems

Powerful generalized sub-systems to fit your needs such as ad-hoc reporting, import templates, document and image tracking, audit reporting, security, and more.

Payment Processing

Manual, automated, ACH, we support your payment processing needs and offer useful features such as reversals with automated batch creation.

Project Tracking

Group your loans and then report on them together.